asteriation’s miscellaneous ACNH resources

This is just an assorted collection of resources I made and datamined information I found for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, of varying usefulness.

If you notice any errors or have any suggestions, please contact me on Discord (asteriation#6884) (preferred), Twitter (@acorsticguitar), or via email at Please send any gameplay related questions to the ACNH Info Server instead.

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HHP Grade Calculator: Tool to calculate your grade/rank/title/salary for HHP.

Kapp’n Rate Calculator: Tool to calculate rates for different Kapp’n Boat Tour islands.

Kapp’n Star Fragment Island Star Times: Tool to predict when shooting stars will fall on the Star Fragment Island Kapp’n Boat Tour.

Redd Art Simulator: Tool to estimate how long it will take for you to complete the art wing of the museum, just buying art from Redd (on his boat and on Harv's Island).


2.0.0 update datamine: datamined information about the 2.0.0 update

2.0.4 update datamine: bits of datamined information about the 2.0.4 update

Assortment of Rates and Information: datamined rates for various things, such as wood drop and lily-of-the-valley spawn, as well as random bits of datamined information. Not updated yet for 2.0.0+, but much of it should be unchanged.

Garden Research


Past Updates

Spawn Rate Spreadsheets

Bug Spawn Rates: Spreadsheet to calculate spawn rate percentages for bugs.

Fish Spawn Rates: Spreadsheet to calculate spawn rate percentages for fish.

Sea Creature Spawn Rates: Spreadsheet to calculate spawn rate percentages for sea creatures.

Garden Simulators and Tools

Flower Breeding Path Simulator: Tool to simulate flower breeding paths.

Flower Unambiguous Path Searcher: Tool to find unambiguous flower breeding paths (where flower offspring used at each step always have known genotypes).

(very primitive) Tree Planting Simulator: Tool to check whether trees will stunt or not. Make a copy of the sheet to use; type in 1 to represent planting a tree in that cell. Bright red/bolded cells are cells where trees will stunt.

Datamining Tools

EventFlow Decompiler: Decompiler for .bfevfl files.

EventFlow Compiler: Compiler for decompiled .bfevfl files.

EventFlow Viewer: Tool to view decompiled EventFlow files.

BCSV SQL: Tool to run SQL queries in your browser over BCSV files.


Flower Hairball Charts

These are charts showing all possible color of offspring given the color of parent flowers. Pink background indicates that that color offspring is always possible no matter the genes of the parents. Gold background indicates a possible offspring if parents are watered with a gold watering can.

Roses Cosmos Lilies (Chrysanthe)mums Windflowers Pansies Tulips Hyacinths

Flower Black Hole Diagrams

Very non-informative diagrams of every parent-parent-offspring combination by genotype.

Roses Cosmos Lilies (Chrysanthe)mums Windflowers Pansies Tulips Hyacinths