1.10.0 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Datamine

This page contains some 1.10.0 related datamining updates. I probably won’t be spending too much time on this, so don’t expect too many updates.

Special thanks to @_Ninji for their scripts and tools which saved me a tremendous amount of time and energy getting everything set up!


1.10.0 evfls are up.

Diff from 1.9.0: https://pastebin.com/W2LnAG5P


Usage of the EventFlow query MuseumLevel now handles a fifth value, and all uses of the new value appear to be stubbed out. This value is never actually returned by the executable.

Business Mode

A stubbed out flow (DummyDemo_BusinessMode) was added to FtrChest (responsible for handling wardrobe interactions).

Museum Day

Art section has been added. There appears to be some dialogue changes based on your museum completion progress (fish: >0%/>3% donated, art: >0%/>8% donated, fossils: >0%/>4% donated, bugs: >0%/3% donated).

Villager Dialogue

The Villager dialogue flows have been made a mess due to liberal use of copy paste. See: NNPC_Free2_Field.evfl, NNPC_Free2_FieldV.evfl, NNPC_Free2_House.evfl, NNPC_Free2_HouseV.evfl, which are copied + modified versions of NNPC_Free_Field.evfl, NNPC_Free_FieldV.evfl, NNPC_Free_House.evfl, NNPC_Free_HouseV.evfl. Both the original file and new file are used, in different places.

May Day

You will only get one of the briefcase or photo per completion of the event (briefcase - first time, photo - second time) (SNPC_doc_54_MayDayTour.evfl