1.8.0 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Datamine

This page contains some 1.8.0 related datamining updates. I probably won’t be spending too much time on this, so don’t expect too many updates.

Special thanks to @_Ninji for their scripts and tools which saved me a tremendous amount of time and energy getting everything set up!


1.8.0 evfls are up.

Diff from 1.7.0: https://pastebin.com/a1dKxJ8G

A bit underwhelming of an update.

Shamrock Wand DIY

The Shamrock Wand DIY is available between March 10 and March 17 (inclusive, hardcoded). Each day, whenever you roll for a DIY from a balloon (either the 15% or 5% slot), if the DIY is eligible (i.e. if rolling for unlearned DIYs, it must be unlearned), the game forces the DIY to be the Shamrock Wand DIY (governed by the ShootDownShamrockRecipeBalloon flag). Once you have popped a balloon containing a Shamrock Wand DIY, it will not appear again for the remainder of the day.