asteriation’s miscellaneous ACNH resources

This is just an assorted collection of resources I made and datamined information I found for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, of varying usefulness.

If you notice any errors or have any suggestions, please contact me on Discord (asteriation#6884) (preferred), or via email at Please send any gameplay related questions to the ACNH Info Server instead.




Flower Hairball Charts

These are charts showing all possible color of offspring given the color of parent flowers. Pink background indicates that that color offspring is always possible no matter the genes of the parents. Gold background indicates a possible offspring if parents are watered with a gold watering can.

Roses Cosmos Lilies (Chrysanthe)mums Windflowers Pansies Tulips Hyacinths

Flower Black Hole Diagrams

Very non-informative diagrams of every parent-parent-offspring combination by genotype.

Roses Cosmos Lilies (Chrysanthe)mums Windflowers Pansies Tulips Hyacinths