Redd Art Simulator

Simulator for completing the art wing of the museum by buying art from Redd. See the 2.0.0 update page for details.

If you notice any errors or have any suggestions, please contact me on Discord (asteriation#6884) (preferred), or via email at [email protected].

Language: EN | JA

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Time to get remaining art pieces:
  • Average: 0 weeks (0 years)
  • Median: 0 weeks (0 years)
  • 95th percentile: 0 weeks (0 years)
  • 99th percentile: 0 weeks (0 years)
  • 99.9th percentile: 0 weeks (0 years)
  • Iterations: 0
  • donate real art immediately
  • on Harv's Island, don't buy fake art on Sundays
  • on Harv's Island, buy real art you don't have > fake art > real art you do have
  • if you have to pick between art you don't have, pick in the following order:
    1. Statue, Large, Real only
    2. Statue, Large, Fake exists
    3. Painting, Large, Real only
    4. Painting, Large, Fake exists
    5. Statue, Small, Real only
    6. Statue, Small, Fake exists
    7. Painting, Small, Real only
    8. Painting, Small, Fake exists